FEAT Francesco Paura, Alien Dee, Don Diegoh

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David Peel – I like marjuana
Aceyalone feat Rjd2 – Highlight
Nice & Smooth – Blunts
Kuno & The Marjuana Brass – Marjuana mantra
Gangastarr – Take 2 and pass
Dj Gruff – Bomcilomo
Revolucion Mexicana – La cucaracha
Action Bronson – It’s me
Gertrude Micheal – Sweet Marjuana
Noreaga – Married to marjuana
Fraternity of mam – Don’t bogart that joint
Sean Price – Jamaican

The Harlem Hamfats – Weedsmokers dream (Why don’t you do right)
Cannasuomo – Lost in the cannas mind
Jimy Hendrix – Purple Haze
Giorgio Gaber – Maria Giovanna
Keith Murray – Herb is pumpin

Cab Calloway – Skunk song
Ice One – Nuvole di Skunk
The Highty and Mighty – Barn Burnt
Cab Calloway – Smoking reefers
Black Sabbath – Sweet leaf
Phil The Agony – Blunted
Isaac Hayes – That loveing feeling
Fabri Fibra – Abbi Fede
Afro man – smoke 2 blunts
Ice Cube – Smoke some weed
Tupac & Outlaw – Smoke weed all day

King Kong Cypher – The Alien Edition feat Alien Dee, Francesco Paura, Don Diegoh, Danno, Cannasuomo

Rino Gaetano – i love you marianna
Ella Fitzgerald – When i get low i get high
Camp Lo – Coolie High
Helen Hmes – They raided the joint
Wu Tang Clan – As high as wu tang get
Tampa Red – I’m Gonna get high
Cypress Hill – Hits from the bong (T Ray Mix)
Redman – Smoke Buddah
Redman – Tha Bump
Ghostface, J Love & Trife – Amsterdam
Willie Nelson – Roll me up and smoke me when i die
Snoop – My Medicine