EPISODIO 5x18 (167)
feat il Jedi Mascherato

EPISODIO 5x18 (167)
feat il Jedi Mascherato

Scritto il 14/03/16
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Guilty Simpon – Testify
Dj Krush feat Antipop Consortium – Supreme Theme
Strange U – Summertime skeeting
King Magnetic (Crime Armor) – What it is
GitBeat & 1Mt feat Sean Price & Labba – TnT
Full Mouth Jerk feat Masta Ace – Smalltown USA
Ron Jon Bovi feat Guilty Simpson – We get it Poppin’
Shahmen – Strangers

Thristy Howl III – Thirsty Man
Dilated Peoples – Antoher Sound Mission
Milk (of Audio Two) feat King Adrock & Mike D – Spam

Big Jus – Silver Black Mountain King
Il Turco feat Easyone – Draghi
White Mic & Deuce Eclipse feat Mr Lif – Kidnapped
Scott Free feat Roc Marciano – Sake, Me & Rocky
Nick Catchdubs feat Show Your Sack – Drop
Nigo feat Beatnuts – very good my friends

Vernon Reid feat Prince Paul & Chub Rock – You say it’s just a psichic friend
Demographics feat Sean Price – Bavarians Most Blunted
Nobody Beats the Beats feat Grand Puba – Just Music Remix
Nagamtic feat O.C. – Let It Roll
Low Damage feat El Da Sensei & Prince Poetry – Poetry In Motion
Koolade feat Mayley Sparks & Lovro Ravbar – Reflection
Colle Der Fomento – Notte Cattiva
Joe Beats – Merc Ret

Jay Z & Nas – Succes (Dj Muro Remix)
J Spliff feat Sean Price – State of mind
Galactic feat Mr Lif – And i’m out
Styles Of Beyond – Survival Tattics
Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Enrviromental Studies