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Icograda Design Week in Torino 2008


Giusto per tener gli occhi bene aperti su quello che succede nell’Italia del design… ecco che per ottobre è prevista una bella conferenza organizzata dalla Icograda (rappresentata in Italia da Aiap). Sembra promettente!

International conference, exhibitions, workshops
13 – 19 October 2008

The Icograda Design Week Torino will be held in a unique and internationally prestigious context as it will be included in the Torino 2008 World Design Capital agenda. Now in its first year, this biennial event will be hosted in the city of Turin, where international events devoted to every single design sector will be held throughout 2008.

This will be a leading European event in terms of size and quality. It will include a three-day international conference as well as exhibitions, forums and several workshops for students. The speakers will be major international authorities in different sectors of visual communication: branding, advertising, graphic design, web design, interactive design, type design, animation, illustrations and new media art.

This conference will address an international audience of professionals, journalists, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, design and visual communication students, as well as architects, town planners, product and interior designers, and anyone interested in the effect of design and communication on contemporary culture.