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Jordan 23 da Back Door


Ecco la nostra window speciale per commemorare l’avvento di Jordan XXIII, le 2 vetrine con le vetrofanie per lanciare questo prodotto limitato a pochissime door esclusive nel mondo (tra cui anche Gold) e tutti i Footlocker.
Per implementare questa cosa abbiamo anche commissionato 4 opere di un artista italoamericano molto importante in grande ascesa, Mattew Lauretti.
Grande SneakerFreaker alla quale abbina questa paticolarità di pittura che prevede la lavorazione di opere nella tela 3M SCOTCHBRITE per dare un effetto ottico nuovo e tridimensionale dai differenti punti di luci usati x osservarlo .

Per la galleria vai qui.

Ecco una sua breve biography:

Lauretti, who was born in Connecticut in 1978, has, from a very tender age, been aware of his artistic “gift”. Before moving to Italy, where now lives, his education had already taken a precise theoretical direction. From the abstract lyrical art of Kandinsky, to the literary and dream-like surrealism of Dalì, the exotic escape of Gauguin and the overwhelming abstract expressionism of Pollock.
New York was the ideal backdrop for this maturing artist, the city of all cities, a mixture of races and different traditions, where the esoteric tension that characterizes multi-ethnic culture remains alive and kicking, and where all this can find expression and an outlet in an experimental artistic dimension. For this reason, Lauretti is not looking for the “artistically correct” compromise of so many of his European contemporaries, but has chosen the power of individualistic, cultivated and, at the same time, wild, abstract, concrete, post-modern and primitive art.
Lauretti carries out highly original research on materials and the use of light. He paints on technical fabric from which he obtains highly refined and luminous results, making the image changeable. The results are fascinating because many of his works change with the kind of angle and light to which they are exposed; in this way, the observer will find different images in the same painting, faces and places reveal their variations in colour and “sign” with truly surprising and unprecedented effect. The effect is to stand in front of something visible but elusive.
His great passion for sneakers brought fine to find a way to conjugate his art and this “world” of sneakers-addicted.