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VR e Social Network? Le due realtà si influenzeranno

Conoscete Peter Deng? Ex CEO di Instagram, da gennaio Head of Product Management di Oculus presso Facebook.

Il fatto che Oculus (quello della realtà virtuale) sia di Facebook dovrebbe dirla lunga ma non è tutto, sulla sua pagina Facebook infatti annuncia:


“I’m excited to be joining Oculus today as the Head of Product Management. There are very few companies that have the opportunity to define the future of how we interact with each other and with the world. I feel fortunate to be joining such a passionate and talented team dedicated to bringing immersive new experiences in VR to reality.

There are many exciting challenges ahead: innovating across hardware and software, defining new UI/UX paradigms, enabling a powerful platform for developers and users, and helping to mentor and grow a team of talented product managers. I’m excited to take on something so different, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the amazing team at Oculus.

My time at Instagram has been incredible, and I want to thank Kevin, Mike, and the rest of the Instagram team for the opportunity to help build the business, the community, and products. Instagram has another ambitious year in store and it will be exciting to watch the team continue to expand what’s possible in visual communication.

“2016 is going to be an action-packed year. Can’t wait to see what we build!”

Sembra proprio che il futuro, o meglio il presente, passi dalla realtà virtuale. Noi ne siamo fermamente convinti, se poi lo dice Peter Deng come dubitarne?